Pierre’s Show & Tell

BEWARE!!! There's no turning back!  CLICK the link TO MEET THE MAN BEHIND THE MIME on  "Nobody Listens to PAULA POUNDSTONE" Ep.152 "Mime is Money" https://paulapoundstone.com/podcast/ep-152-mime-is-money/ Now’s your opportunity. Like, totally, we're not kidding. Yes, The Puppet Master who’s got his hand up Pierre's butt (in a totally professional way) is inviting you behind the curtain to learn about him and how he created Pierre . . . Do you prefer the illusion and wanna keep Pierre in a “Box”? OR do you wanna...
Hey @khloekardashian name a more iconic duo! @KUWTK #pierrethemime #iconicduo #KUWTK #BFFs pic.twitter.com/BzmpAEL04H — PierreTheMimeSpeaks (@Pierre_The_Mime) December 10, 2018
While looking for the greatest comic books about crime fighting mimes, I discovered Brian Quinn on stage! Of course I had to pay a visit!